Mouseover Problems

I made an square into a button and in the OVER state, added some extra pictures and text which I wanted displayed.

I put my mouse over the square and I see my desired effect. But when I put my mouse over the empty space where the mouseover images will appear, they pop up too!

Can someone tell me why this happens and how I can fix it? :frowning:

You will need to call the pics some other way :slight_smile:

Try this…

Put all of your pics in an empty movie clip (Insert/Symbol).

Now, Position the clip where you want. Give the clip the instance name “images”. After you figure out where you want it, drag Frame 1 of your images clip so that it becomes frame 2.

Add a stop() action to Frame 1 (which is blank) and Frame 2 (which has the pics).

On the button, add these actions…

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

That should work.

I would set up an example .fla file, but I use MX, so you wouldn’t be able to open it.

it sounds to me like you have too much info in your HIT state…

you should have a keyframe with the place you want triggered when you roll over it with a mouse filled with a rectangle/elipse, and only that space…

If you haven’t put a blank keyframe in the HIT state, then drew a rectangle, then you are using the OVER state as your HIT state…

I hope I didn’t confuse you…


I think you misread rev.

The problem is that she added images to the over state.

And even though these images don’t show, if you mouse over their location in the Over state, they will appear, even if you aren’t over the button. Because technically, these are part of the button :slight_smile:

if you don’t put any kind of keyframe (like it is by default) into the HIT frame, it assumes the last keyframe played, or in this case the over state. If you make a separate hit state, then the images are still part of the button, just not part of the hit area.



Learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Thanks rev =)

Yup… a button is still a 4 frame MC, so if you put something in frame 1, then don’t put anything in frames 2, 3, and 4, then in the movie it will look like frame 1 through all 4 frames … =)

I hope this helps kgirl…


thanks u 2 :slight_smile:

i managed to get it to work using the separate movie clip thingie and editing my OVER button from there =)