Button Rollovers

when i add to the action of the button in a rollover, the tutorial on the kirupa site says to put “/rollover” into the tell target box. i put that in, test the movie and it says it cant find /rollover. whats the deal here?

You have to give the rollover clip the INSTANCE name “rollover”. I think that there’s something about it in the tutorial (very well explained, I’ve done that tutorial a while ago). Just in case : select it with the Arrow tool, and open the instance panel. Give it the name. It works now. Magic.\r\rA little bit of explanation : Flash works with instances of objects. If you create movie clip with a ball inside it, and you name it ball. Imagine for a minute that Flash only takes into consideration the name of the movie clip. What if you put 2 balls ? Which one will it be when you tellTaget("/ball") ? Now if you give them INSTANCE names, because that’s what you manipulate, an instance, not the clip itself, it all becomes clear as holy water.\r\rpom 0]

thx for the help, but what exactly do i give the instance name to? and i see nothing where i can edit the name of the instance on the instance panel, i see two drop down menus. one says behavior and the other says options. do i give the instance name to the button ?

oh i got it, thx for the help