Buttons - in and out effect

[color=#003366]i need help with some flash buttons[/color]
for the menu at the top, i was looking through kirupa tutorials and the forums, but i couldnt find anything for what I need.
I want to have a mouseOut action as well, so right now, the navigation works like this.

mouseover - button fades out slightly, moves to the right, and colors change
mouseout - button fades back in, moves to original position, original colors

can someone please help? thanks

easy…just tell me how did u do the mouseover move and fade effect? Using actionscript or motiontween?

well, I first just converted them into buttons, and used motion tweens
but a friend told me instead of using button symbols, I should just use movie clip symbols and use the mouseover and mouseout actionscript and tell it where to go for each.
if anyone can pinpoint a tutorial or explain with the actionscript, that’d be great

Here is a quick example.

Thanks, checking it now.

Ahh… clever way of using the x-coordinates.

Alright. I’m going to try and take out the endX part in the actionscript and will see if putting the gotoandPlay action will be fine.

Thanks much.

OK. Your attached .fla was helpful, but I am elementary in actionscript and would rather learn the onRollover function and onmouseout function, in coordinance with the goToandPlay functions.

If anyone can attach a sample part of actionscript which I could learn from, that’d be great. Thanks anyway, zao.

Here it is…:)) Hope it’s what you want…

those are cool, im terrible at actionscript…what code would work to make those buttons? gotoandplay, or something else?

after 11 posts, i finally get what i’m lookking for
thank you so much

one question
how do i make the actionscript play a sound during mouse rollover?

on(rollOver) {
gotoAndPlay(2);//plays forward on the timeline
on(rollOut) {
gotoAndPlay(16); //plays the release forward on the timeline

and how would i make it play a .wav in my library, if the .wav was called "button"without the quotes

on(rollover) {
mysound = new Sound();
//rest of rollover actions

Thats just off the top of my head, but I think those functions are correct. If it dosen’t work double check the action to play sounds in the Actionscript reference (I’m 80% sure that’s wrong)

on(rollover) {
mysound = new Sound(this);



thats the one :smiley: (start)


final menu is at

your links broken.

please, can anyone kindly convert those two example fla’s into MX versions?