By passing pop-up filters with _blank

Hey all,

I figured out why my external, embedded player wouldn’t link back to my site: I was using _self rather than _blank, which I’m sure many of you knew.

However, my next stumbling block is that any subsequent link now needs to be authorized if you are using a browser with a pop-up blocker (IE7, Firefox, etc.). What I’ve noticed is that YouTube has somehow completely bypassed this, and I need to figure out how.

First, check out this site for an example of my player and YouTube’s player on the same page:

Note in the lower-right the YouTube clip. Click that first. Notice how the pop-up blocker doesn’t ask for permission? Then, beneath that is my “Comic Wonder” player. If you click on any links, it’ll work, but only if you allow your pop-up blocker to allow it.

Anyone know how YouTube has bypassed that?