Bye bye mediatemple!

After almost 24 years, mediatemple has finally stopped serving this site’s traffic. The reason is that they were bought by GoDaddy a few years ago and the migration wrapped up for this site today. The funny thing is that hosting this site back then (and even today sans CDN) would be very expensive.

Today, thanks to Cloudflare and the over 80% cache hit rate, the server itself can be extremely underpowered. It just needs to serve files, albeit slowly, just once for the CDN to cache it and deliver it lightning-fast to everyone.

And…that’s exactly what I did. I picked the lowest tier shared hosting possible on GoDaddy, migrated all of the site’s static content, did some htaccess trickery to get server-side includes working, and…things seem fine for now.

I’ll be removing the “Hosted by GoDaddy” text from the footer next week. I just added it as a check to make sure that the contents from the correct server were being served.

Kirupa :partying_face:

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