Calling all Cartoonests!

well i am starting a new site and had this idea of making an entire city as the site. My inspiration came from this: I thought that was a good idea for the design aspect for the site, very different of what is out there. Right now I am trying to create “human-like” character in this style. I have looked at and, both which are the style I am kinda looking for. Now, I ask of you to either:

  1. develop a character in this style
  2. give me a link or a picture of somesort in this style so I can get some ideas

I am an artist myself but have absolutly no experience or knowledge in japanese cartoons!

Alright thanks people

-¡Deano! :z:

Chibis, basically. :slight_smile:

I might have some tucked away on my hard drive that could be modified… I’ll have a look round.

So that is what it is called “chibis.” Thanks for the term kit

These are the character I am trying to draw now:

  1. A break dancing robot
  2. An artsy shaved head dude with the black rimmed glasses…kinda looks gay
  3. A mob boss

I want to keep it really simple :wink:

THANKS a ton!!!


So, basically you are asking us to do the drawings for you? Just doodle on some paper, I don’t see how inspiration can get any better than that, especially since you already have a basis for your ideas.

No, I just have never drawn any kind of “anime” I just wanted some visual ideas to get me started. Let me re-phrase me previous post: give me chibis drawing to look at, not copy or to use.