Chibis art or whatever! :)

If you read my other thread, (which I don’t know why you would) you heard that I wanted to draw Hello Kitty type characters. Kit said it’s chibis. Here is my attempt! C&C much appreciated. I also need ideas for more characters, mostley women. And if you don’t notice: the first one is indie, second punk, third gangsta hehe. Thanks again people :thumb:

-Deano :gm: :te: :+)

the black guy looks awesome.

But please don’t post PDFs… it’s much easier to see a jpg.

Yeah i’m with mlk. I loathe pdfs.

They’re all good. I think the black guy should have two diamond earrings and the punk should have two guaged earrings.

Nice work son, keep it up.

alright sorry, these were done in flash so there was no other way to get them on kirupa except a screen shot :slight_smile: Guaged earings? is that the hole ring i made for him?
peeps i need more ideas, i am working on an asian diva at the moment :slight_smile:


I don’t really like the asian woman’s hair…any ideas?

Hide her ears. Give her a shoulder length bowl cut, with cropped bangs.

definitely take off the ears. She looks like a monkeyboy. monkeygirl. or whatever.

I like the Charley angels shades …

ok…??? alittle scared now

Actually… there is. :wink:
Goto file|export|image and you can export it as any size, and almost any filetype.

Silly NuclearChip, I told you that last night.

of me or the drawings? lol

C.) !

No, wait… dangit that’s not fair I don’t test well.

I wouldn’t call that chibi my freind.
Chibi are highly distorted cartoon/anime characters with shortened legs and whatnot :slight_smile:

But otherwise, great work! Let’s see some skin!

wha? erm…uh…but Kit said they were Chibis…argh then what are they? lol The only thing I can relate them to is Hello Kitty and And the bodies are still in the developing stages, they kinda look like power puff girl bodies, ya know the stumpy arms lol. Oh and what should be my next one: Kiss band groupie, or a extasy-lovin raver?

your ones aren’t chibi, they’re just cartoons. Chibi really has to be done in the japanese style like grinch described. But hey, that’s no problem… the important thing is how they look, not what you call them.

i think the raver would be better :slight_smile: