Calling all Xboxers

Hey everone!

I can’t decide what to get for xbox next :expressionless: !! What do you think?

THPS 3 or Jet Set Radio Future???

THPS 3 is really good. I have it for PS2. and its amazing, so THPS 3 for Xbox is supposed to be very good…possibly better…

Yea, I know that THPS 3 is awsome, I watched my friend play some while I was working on my site. I almost saw him beat it, so I was wondering if it is worth buying it for xbox. I also heard that Jet Set Radio Future is also a kick ass game. Need some more opinions cause I can’t decide!! :expressionless:

Xbox sucks

yeah i agree with you Thor, thats why i got my PS2. Its much better (at least in my opinion). I was trying to be helpful…:slight_smile:

Humph… gaming systems suck.

<~Running from the masses throwing rotten fruit. The glare from the torches shines in their glazed gammer eyes like the fires of hell.

upuaut8 sucks.

j/k i prefer the gaming system called my “Computer” cause it’s x times as expensive yet x times as powerful if you upgrade it every now and then. i’ve noticed that PC’s have always been superior to graphics and stuff than the current gaming system now. Now i would probably receive some criticism on that, but in time, the xbox/gamecube/ps2 won’t match the capabilities of PCs. if you look at the stats for these systems in terms of gfx chips and memory, etc, you’ll see that these systems carry the same if not worse components than your average gaming computer. the PS2 carries a geforce 2 chip inside. guess what my computer has…geforce3. xbox just sucks so i won’t get into that.
i am however impressed wth the gamecube.

yes the Cube is quite impressive and I was going to get one, until they changed the format of Zelda. Thats one of my favorite games and they changed it to a cartoony feel. Don’t really like that. Anywho…yes Computers are more powerful and everything, however, there really is no support for Computer Games. Everyone is into Console games because there is more of a market, and they were cheaper than computers when they first came out so everyone has one. So in order to play the games that I want to play, I have to buy the console…or wait 10 years for them to make a PC version.

Consoles don’t blue-screen you at random…
pom 0]

Thor… that was our secret… and you said I did it sooo well. :wink:

I hear ya thor; Computers are great for multiplaying and anything else in general. I like consoles as well, eventhough I don’t exactly have anything more recent than a Super NES lol. Consoles are easy and to the point; no messy installation or periodic instabilities that comps experience. Then again comps do have BETTER graphics provided you have the right kind of hardware (aka GeForce 3, GeForce 4 TI 4600, etc.).

In my opinion, I’d rather spend 400 on a new graphics card and better system components than on a console. Consoles are great for 2 player games such as: DOA3 (Great XBOX game I played at BestBuy lol), Street Fighter (Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.).

Besides, I spend most of my day on the comp and it is easier to switch between a game and work at the same time :slight_smile:


jubba, then again, there are some great games that they don’t make for consoles.

that’s true the other way around. The day I’ll play Mario 4 on my computer (don’t even say the word emulator, I don’t want to hear it) will be, well, a great day.

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Still waiting for GTAIII for windows… grrr…

you’re going to have to wait a couple years for that from what i hear upu…:eek:

now from what i hear, later this year to early next. that game was born on PCs, it’s finally coming back!
i’m not gonna be the first to buy it though, it looks utterly stupid and pointless. i liked the first two cause the main focus was on boosting cars. go ahead, throw your opinions at me.

thor…i don’t believe anyone asked what you thought did they?

j/k. yes it was born on PCs and thats where i first played it. I played GTA with its horrible graphics and Top-Down View, and it was the best game ever. But everything that was good about that game was surpased with GTA3. You said it looks stupid, and I thought so too, until I rented it. And then I was hooked. Its very fun, and very in depth, and the end is hillarious. I was laughing for about 20 minutes at the end. Thats good that it will come to PC sooner than I heard. The last time I heard anything was about 5 months ago. You should find someone that has PS2, unless you have one, and rent the game; try it out.

a), I just like running people over with an ambulance.

b), it’s due out in May… now that probebly means that they will push it back to june, but usually when they say something is coming out on Windows systems it comes out close to on time. Neverwinter Knights not included.

Been waiting for that game for about 5 years now.

Whats really funny (i think) is when you get on a roof or something and you have a sniper rifle, and you kill a bunch of people, and ambulance and 2 EMTs come up. Then you kill one EMT and the other revives him, and then kill the other EMT and the first will revive him…its funny. Then just finding a place to stand where the cops can’t hit you (unless they get a chopper) and just kill people and blow sh!t up. I think it stayed very true to the original games, except that this is more mission based than the last ones, but this is all about boosting cars, killing people, and having people out there that want to kill you.

ok, you’ve convinced me, i guess we all have our violent side…
i’ll be waiting for the PC release.