Can I do better on this?

I need some advice on if this is good or bad, sloppy, or anything i can improve on.

um, what’s it for?

It’s a nice concept, but…

The water is way to blurry. I can guess that is some sort of pipe the water is coming out of, but are those colored tiles or soemthing?

The word Shower is also very blurry

Its a logo for a stupid invention someone is paying me to make. The logo not the invention. And the tiles are part of the concept of the invention. Its a shower head with 3 different filters attachments which allow you choose from shampoo conditioner or bodywash. Why anyone would want them to comeout the shower head beats the hell out of me. But hes paying me so Im doing what he wants. This is the 5th redraw for him. And one of the last requests were to make the water in the background less upfront. So I made it more blurr. Check this and tell me if its any better. .

well for a logo that seems a little busy. Is this to go on his business cards? Stationary?

That is better but still think you can use some perspective to make the water look further back and still be clear.

IM just doing what he told me to do. I think he wants it on a card. But I told him that it wouldnt look right. He realy does nt listen to good reasoning.
Hows this

well if that’s what the client wants… Sometimes a clients needs to step back and realize they aren’t graphic designers.

I agree, but as long as I get paid; I,m happy.

OOOOOO I only wish I could be you Dagger. I’ve lost too many customers because of situations like this.

I would’ve walked after the second redraw but that’s a whole other thread. I agree with Ethan. It’s way to busy.

I think you could probably get away with the textures so long as you unwarp the text some.