Can I spam a little bit?

Hey fellas,
If you find 10 minutes in your schedule, could you drop by at bit-101 to check the very cool Actionscript contest? 10 guys (including myself) have worked their ass off for it, but as it is a new board, no many people have voted.

So if you get the chance, please do (you have to register first).

Last thing: please vote for the best entry, not for me (except if you think that my entry is the best :))

pom :asian:

as you command. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Did you see what that guy did, with his fractal tree? That’s crazy… On the other hand, when you look at the code you get a brain cramp :-\

pom :asian:

it’s one of my choices for 1st place. Still deciding though… Iv’e seen that done a few times so it’s not new, and therefore has points against it. There are a couple others too that I’m still thinking about

The simplicity of the squeeze box is nice… very useful too… though not one on my list.

I managed to break the squeeze box. :frowning: Don’t know what the hell I did, but I’d released the mouse it is was still following and all sorts of weird stuff.

A lot of them wouldn’t load though. Was that just my computer, or did anyone else have this problem?

The ‘Wind In The Willows’ one took me back a bit - I remember writing a program in C that did the same thing when I was 17. Part of my A-Level coursework, that was. :slight_smile:

all of them loaded for me… though some you have to copy and paste the urls into your browser to go to their sites as the free servers are sticklers about hot linking to their sites.

The Squeeze Box lost points with me because it didn’t actually take in to account how much you stretched it. It basically just played an animation when you let go instead of using physics or anything.

What do you mean, did you not even look at his script, he shows the velocity function and everything on mouse release. It doesn’t play an animation and he wouldn’t be a finalist in the contest because he wouldn’t be able to play an animation without using a tween which are not allowed!

It would have been nice to include y physics to that piece as well. So that you could pull it to either side and such. Something like a big block of jello.

Maybe he did, but it was over the 25 lines mark so he had to take it out. It woulda been nice to have it in, but maybe there is a reason he doesn’t include it.

hmm… yeah. I didn’t even look at the rules. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was the challenging part of it. 25 lines isn’t much, and sometimes you just can’t shrink the code so you have to cut in the flesh or unoptimize the coding. Kinda silly.

pom :asian: