Can my flash site win awards?

[size=3][font=Times New Roman]Hey friends,[/font][/size]

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[size=3][font=Times New Roman]I’ve been working diligently on my Flash homepage, and I’ve put in a lot of work, and I am hoping this is award worthy. I want to win Site of the Day awards or what not. [/font][/size]

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[size=3][font=Times New Roman]It’s now about 80% done, and if you can go to the site, see what’s up and offer any tips on how to make it better, please do. Tell me if I’m heading in the right direction.[/font][/size]

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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Also, apart from the big website award places like Favorite Website Award, TINY, flashvista and fcuk stars, are there any other sites I could submit to? Any leads would be appreciated.[/size][/font]
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erm, that is one wacky layout. I like the style though, especially how the city overlaps the site. thats a good touch.

what needs the most improvement is the navigation. the menu system is clumsy. i got the classic user confusion of, “hey, where did my menu go?” and then i saw the menu/arrow in the bottom left. i had trouble rolling over it and getting it to stay.

also, the graphics look really pixelated.

the site has potential, keep working on it. you seem like you have some real style and don’t just follow the leader.

I’m not sure this is an award site unfortunatly. It’s very amature. Not bad I can see you put a lot of work into it but IMO no.

what digital said. it just isn’t award worthy. don’t go out seeking awards. create quality content that is useful to people. the awards will come.

It’s such a nice idea though. I love the note style clouds moving across the paper. But its little things like the way the clouds look that let it down. They’re quite scrappy. Although they need to look like note drawings, the user still has to look at them and you have to find a happy medium. And im not sure what that city scape thing is for. Like redrum said they are very pixely… i think getting rid of them would be a vast imporvement. Maybe replace them with a sketched version to fit in with the theme? possibly animated like it is being sketched right now…? Good luck, keep going!

I can understand you are proud of your work, but yeah, to be honest, it has the same feel as a personal home page, combined with some flash… The photo cut-n-paste style doesn’t look that professional. I once did a group project for a broadcasting company in cut-n-paste style. It’s fun to do, but it’s just not a way to be on the cutting edge :wink: of Flash. ( )
Keep it up though, it’s a nice site.

don’t get me wrong, the site isn’t bad at all, but to win awards you need definately much more (depends on the award)

when you go to the blog you can’t get back… unless i couldn’t find the way.


Concept is decent, but has been done many times. The actual page looks very cookie cutter, transitions are pretty weak, needs a lot of graphic tweaking/elements. I like the drawn clouds and all that jazz but even for minimalistic purposes you can still add more detail to it elements like that.

You need to revamp your bio as it is more of a blog than an actual bio.

Kind of annoying how the menu just disappears like that, it’s been done b4 but doesn’t seem to flow well on your site.

I think this was said b4 but to keep consistancy w/ your site get rid of the actual photo and draw it, change the scroll bar to make it look like a sketched scrollbar, etc.

I think your first version of your site is stronger than this one.

Site still has a long way to go b4 you should submit it for an award. Although there are some awards that anyone can get. :puzzle:

Really? And what awards are they… i’m not fussy!

Try putting a little more work on the city skyline. It’s looks a bit rough. I suggest for your site to be elegible for awards try some cool could effects and a real sky instead of the paper.

In terms if design the notebook paper doesn’t really make sense or shares a concept with a (real) image of the city.

I’m pretty sure that if you hadn’t posdt your thread as “can my site win an award” you would’ve gotten a lot more positive feedback. But now people are just looking at it picking stuff out.

as mentioned above.

ya did a great job on masking the cityline


Try making everything flow a little better. If you want an award, you need a spark in your site. Something that everyone says “oh yea, that was a cool part”. No offense but the paper didn’t look very photo realistic and didn’t reach what you can do in photoshop.

I had a good laugh at some of those pictures you posted =).

i have to agree with everyone else that this site as it stands can’t win awards, but its a nice attempt and i like it. despite what flashfish says about the clouds i love em. thats all i really have to say


Also, apart from the big website award places like Favorite Website Award, TINY, flashvista and fcuk stars, are there any other sites I could submit to? Any leads would be appreciated.

I bet you PlasticPilots will give you one.

With your website, one thing I see straight away that should be changed is the text. Never use Times New Roman, its ugly. Normal body text, go for verdana pt 10 and headings maybe Arial or Heltivca. The scrollbars not really original. You should disbale text highlighting. The buttons dont really work well since they look out of place. But I really want to ask, what is the main theme of your site? Is it a peronal portfolio? At this stage, it leads more towards a blog because of the random images as well as the info. You need to consise the info but keep it somewhat organised.

At this stage what you should do is change the color of the buttons, actually make them the same size, get rid of the lines as well as the clouds and moon, “curtis homepage” should be something organised, but keep the city because that can be build upon. I read your bio and you seem to know a fair bit about programming as well as attending mit. I really know you can build upon this much better. If you want people to look at your site from time to time, you need to make it somehwat professional. Divide the site with music and programming.

:hugegrin: Hehe nope still would’ve said the same thing

Think they are called the Golden Web Awards or something, they’ve been known to give it to a 6 yr old who could animate a stick figure :hugegrin:

Wahey! I’m off to put those 6 year olds to shame!

nice ideas there. bound to gel sooner or later with a bit of tweaking. lot of people here only like flash which does the usual space ship control panel thing with numbers whizzing by and arrows here and there and of course some lame music pumping out. So dont be put off.

Yeah. Sixo is right. Most of what is “impressive” here resembles 2advanced. (although they are impressive). If you are really going for the college rule look, I’d consider putting the whole site in a binder look. take a photo of a desk, and put it as the BG. incorporate some page turning source into it maybe, with the “content” being hand-out looking things that are 3 ring bound, or have a pen draw everything. Awards take a LOT of time to earn. Change it up, perfect it, make it CLEAN (even if the look is rough, keep the code sharp and working), and then do it over again. That should start you off on the path to earning awards. :slight_smile:

Disco-Stu// Yay! You got that cool footer to work!
I agree totally with what Disco-Stu said. Take alook in the thread “How did he do this?” to find a good page turning template for you to toy with.