Can someone please trout slap me?

I just realised how stupid I am… :eye:

Okay, I am on campus at Univeristy, in the library, and I got about an hour to burn before class…
There is a big screen TV with CNN always playing on it, just a place to hang out unitl class…

So anyway I sit there watching something about spy traitors or something, and the great looking girl comes up and sits right next to me…
Whats going though my head? : [SIZE=1]…hey, I wonder how long this dude is in jail in for…[/SIZE]

Now, keep in mind there is TONS of room around, I am not sitting even on a bench, I am sitting on long step by the tv, with no one around

in my mind: [SIZE=1]… woah, its still raining in canada… intresing…[/SIZE]

Then , she clears her throat couple of times… to get my attenition…

my mind: [SIZE=1]… that is the largest pumpkin in the world…[/SIZE]

Then, she gets up and just pushes her hips and butt in to me, like to press on me… and her freind is sitting in a huge smile nearby.

my mind: [SIZE=1]… nothing…[/SIZE]

Only when she left did I realise :[SIZE=1]…aha…wait … oh crap!..[/SIZE]

Can somone please slap me, or virtual kick me! Please, now I got to go spend the rest of my time to try to find her!!!

Arghhhhhhhh! :m:

[SIZE=1]But hey, on the bright side: at least SOMEONE thinks I’m a hottie![/SIZE] :beam: