Cant decide whether to take this job or not... what do you think?

I’ve been contacted by this CS clan who needs a website done.

They want:

  • some Flash animation
  • music/soundfx (!)
  • updatable news/announcements (plus an archive once it’s been pushed off the front page)
  • updatable team roster and player statistics (they want to update it after every game)
  • updatable player profiles (statistics from every game)
  • updatable scoreboard (updated after every game)
  • updatable calendar of upcoming events/games
  • forum (“just a simple one”…)
  • multimedia gallery (a place they can dump pics and vids from LANs, etc…)

Also some kind of web interface to update all those updatable sections… though I’ll probably suggest to use phpMyAdmin…

They would like some moving elements on the site, and a black/red/chrome design.


I’m really hesitant to say yes to this since it’s quite a large job - mostly programming, but the design will also take some work. I’m thinking to suggest a HTML site with only a simple Flash navigation toolbar at the top… and scrap the sound/music.

As usual, your opinions and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: