CD Cover Battle II

I didnt get a chance to enter in the first cd cover battle, but its a really great idea for a battle. If we can get enough people, i’d be awsome to do another :slight_smile:

whats the subject ?

subject rockmusic+kirupa

the last battle was to just find a band, or make one up, and design a cd cover for an album. :slight_smile:

I’ve got an idea, so I guess I could participate.

i got a couple of cd covers laying around …

but i will have to see what the subject is first. lol


subject first. probably I will join, probably not

i reackon it should be a free for all !! like an open topic

anything that holds you attention.

*thats just my 2 cents

I’m in again.

Just no one tell Morse.

So what is the subject?

I might possibly be able to whip something up. I’ll letcha know after subject is decided.

hey just take the old rules ! no subject in particular ! I’d be in again. And yeah, pr is right, nobody should tell morse :wink:

count me in, if the old rules are used…

schreib mal schnell rein bitte in excel bestell liste
1x thermaltake aquarius II


excel bestellliste??? wovon redet der gute mann?

When is the deadline?
I want to be in but don’t know if I will have time. =S

yeah give us some time 3-4 weeks

What are the old rules? or is it only “anything you want”

try doing a search for “CD cover battle”

but to sum it up:
-design a cd cover for any artist or band you choose(it can be made up)
-front and back
-i guess any program, photoshop, illustrator, maybe even flash, but it has to be a .jpg or .gif, maybe a .png.

the old thread had a template, i’ll see if i can pull it up. as for a time, how 'bout till Nov. 15 maybe, but i’d like to try and get a few more people, im not sure how many we have right now.

EDIT: here’s the link to the thread for the first one:

basicly you need to read rev’s post, plus see the attachment by morse.

*Originally posted by McGiver *
**excel bestellliste??? wovon redet der gute mann? **

rofl, nevermind…

you are from bavaria? me 2 =)
where from exactly? i am from augsburg



still up?

i um second that bump