In the Ray of Light tuttorial, at the end, you need a file from, well I guess he is rerentivating, and I need this file to complete the tutorial. So can some1 please help me.

ouch… I’m sorry. I moved that I believe. I’ll get back to you with the link. Sorry about that. I forgot that Kirupa had a link to it in the tutorial.

ok, at least for now I’ve got the links. I’ll try to have Kirupa change that in the asp page in the morning.

Thanks for the catch sir. Keep us on our toes. :slight_smile:

These are the various downloads availiable for that project.

this one is the lensflare which you place on the center letter.…
I believe this is the FLA and the SWF for the lostsoul logo I did in the example.…

and here they are individualy…oulROL.fla…oulROL.swf

Hey no problem, I was talking to the other person that had the problem, I looked at his file, what was wrong at the beginning of his file, when the tutorial tells you to break apart the text, in Flash 5 it breaks it into seperat graphics, well in MX it seperates it into seperate text, so in MX you have to break it apart twice not once. Kinda confusing, but its a new thing in MX. Anyway graet tutorial, and I cant wait to see your site. Also do U like my sig, its my first file outta Flash MX.


You are sooooooo right sir. I have forgotten about that till you mentioned it. I encountered that about two days ago and thought that it was mighty interesting.

Yes it is very interesting, I found it can be very useful. Lets see I am only 15, I wonder what Flash will be like when I am 25, if its even around then.

It will be, but not as we know it. By then, with any luck, we’ll have fully 3D visual interfaces for our programs, in which case it will be vector based 3D… a very cool prospect. :slight_smile: