what do you think?

its real simple and unifnished, but i have a lack of imagination. just gimme ya thought please.

All i got was a preloader with a bar that went to 278% the it did nothing. Is there more?

Now this is just my opinion, so take it with that in mind… :bandit:

I think that the overall design is unique, but <u>way</u> too small. The font is very popular with designers, but not popular in the mainstream, due to lack of readability (over 50% of users have a 17" monitor set @ 800x600).

I would suggest also when you mouse over the links (squares) you give a small bit of info about what is going to happen after click…

Again, just my opinions, and I am a stickler for useability… :cool:


thanx fellaz. well yeah about the preloader, i have to fix that. just reaload the page and it should load next time.