itz not much, but i’ve been slaving over this one for the past three days, hopefully someone likes it.


thats a pretty sweet site, i found it hard at times to read the text with that font though…might want to think about changing that

but nice work :thumb:

thanx, and im trying to find some good free pixel fonts, that was the best i could find.

The site is really going slow n my PC.

and it’s a
2100 intel , g-force 4, 512 MB

Or run your site a a faster frame rate or your rebuild your site

that’s in netscape in IE it only goes slow when he opens the windows.

  • Slow Loading
  • Slow Running
  • Font = bad looking

I’m not really a fan of it.

how could i make it run faster? the frame rate is already around 25 … and also , how could i make it load faster? Any idea on how to cut down on file size?

as for the font, im on the hunt now for better ones.

and also, why does the site run perfectly on my pc, and a couple other peoples pc’s that i kno whose computers arent as power as urz T-O? im boggled

Sorry, but it seems like this is not really your own work. It seems to me like you used UNFLUX’s background image and EG’s general layout idea (which, by the way, you managed to copy very poorly). You might deny me the similarities with EG’s www, but not the background which i downloaded from both of you, and they are 100% identical.
Attached is a screenshot of both, your and UNFLUX’s www as a background comparison.

To show you which similarities betwenn your and EG’s www, i will include a comparison image in the following reply.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone, but i’m seriosuly getting sick of people who can’t seem to be original and creative.


Your www vs EG’s www:

The fonts are very big and very blurred

It’s not really good. A bad copy of those cool sites. :slight_smile:

It’s fine if you want to get inspired but don’t ever copy stuff like you did it there.
I’m looking forward to v8…

how about changing the quality of the picture’s on the background. you know those blue things.

It’s not hard to do that. just get photoshop and down the quality. Simple whrite?

yea… i took it down… that was jus my first attempt at a new syle, wanted to get the general swing of things… v.8… will b up in a bit… still need to address the issue of how to minimize load time. There is a background in the main movie, with buttons and code, but all the buttons loadMovies in, so i dont understand why the main file would take long to load…

Thanks T-O, thats going to be something im gonna look at into more detail on the nex version. But how do i test it, if it loads quickly on my platform?

well it loaded fine for me, sure is a tough crowd to please though… :-\

I can really see how they are similar. Your BG is an exact copy of unflux.

You shouldn’t rip… you may end up breaking copyright laws.

I don’t think we have to go back to this. He took it off so there is no point in mentioning it again.


p.s. hahaha. My 100th post on this forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

You designed it too advanced to run on pentium II’s.