I saw the battle so i figuired a would be aloot of fun. The thing would be to replicate the header all in whatever you want. You could copy a cloud screen shot and the logo but other than that, everything else would have to be original. What do you guys think? Sorry if i double posted, my computer is on the frits.


I didnt have any extra time to do the rr one so i am deffinatley gonna give this a shot

ANYONE ELSE! it will be great!

why only in ps, my recommendation is too allow other progs… like fw or flash

what is the battle?

it was a battle where some people tried to replicate the tilebar of is a server error page. :frowning:

road runner
high speed internet provider’s title bar image

RR Challenge Thread


JUST THE HEADER, that way people can have enough time to actually finish…

a little anger there mlkdave?

not at all, i was just making sure people realized the changes i made… why would u say that?

caps lock

yeah so it would stand out, dude i am tired of ur posts, i mean u do thinks like say, “not my taste so i wont reply” or “a little angry there” when nothing in the content would indicate anger. I am just saying ur really getting annoying.

ive been reading other mods/members posts, and they write useless posts sometimes, so why cant I?

its just annoying, there not just pointless they kinda offensive, i mean “not my taste so i want comment” and “a little anger…” are all kinda obnoxious

MLK wasn’t being angry or making a useless post. MLK was just pointing out that he changed it so any program can be used and put it in Caps so that people notice and read it :). Unlike your posts - which I’ve seen like “It’s not my style, so I’ll pass judgement”, “If you guys are skilled, I’ll stay, if not, I’ll be asked to be banned” and posts like that, you can call those useless though.

Some members on the forums do make useless posts. But most of the time, they are related to the thread. I usually don’t post when I find something funny, I usually just put a little “Haha that was great” or something. That post could be useless or whatnot, but it’s nothing like what you’ve been posting. Being rude and saying obnoxious things doesn’t make you a friend here man.

And I hate to be the one to break it to you buddy, but caps lock has no sound or feelings involved in it :sigh:.

thanks for backing me up reef, i appreciate it

i just thought that this forum beleved the caps lock or exclamations were “angry” cuz of this.