Challenge: nav

Hey guys! Over at BB a few times someone has posted a .jpg and everyone tried to recreate what was seen. I thought this was a great idea - i had watched and read through a few and thought why not bring it over here.

This is not a competition. This is something to stretch your skills in Fireworks, Photoshop, or image editor of your choice. If you cant get it post what you have, what you have done so far in terms of steps, someone can pick up where you left off, or do it there way, makes no difference how you do it, we are just looking re-create the effect. If you get it post it and try to say step by step how you did it. I have a feeling we will come up with a whole lot of good stuff with the talent pool here. Its a great way to improve your skills like i said and I think it will test your skills. :cubs:



This is the top nav for the RoadRunner site (by Fantasy Interactive). I would say try the lighter part.

If we have a lot of people participating I think we should do this more often, if people dont like the idea - it doesnt have to be done again, its all up to you guys.

note I dont htink this belongs in Battle because its not a competition or a collaboration really - we are just trying to find a way to recreate something :smiley:

edit: Image is 776x119 - i am rounding that out to 800x200 but feel free to do whatever oyu want :D. The blue background colour is #344C7C.

edit2: You MUST post your .PSD or .PNG with all layers, folders, ect. in tact for others to learn from.

Good idea, I’ll probably work on this over the next couple weeks.

well does the road runner count cause he was made in a 3d app, if you havent, click the “site guide” button to see what i mean.

No, just get the basics down :smiley:

Doesnt have to be animated either.

this is gonna be awesome, but I don’t have nearly the skills, perhaps we should let everybody share files at the end to see how people did it? edit: he he, and to learn the tricks peope use :trout: well… lets hope that not everybody uses ps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dipi my man, count me in :wink:

Sounds good guys - the more the merrier!

Wow, that looks like it could be recreated in Fireworks REALLY easily… Hint, hint…

Mike you think?

I am doing it in Photoshop, but if i dont get to far - i might give it a go in FW.

Im looking at i like this - rounded rectangle then with a oen tool, come back and add the little side thing. You are going to need some layers to get all those inner shadows too.

I know… :frowning: but I don’t have ps and want to learn, maybe I’ll get it for my birthday at the end of the summer

Yeah - Im still deciding. PS is a great application, but Fireworks is better sometimes.

Thats how one was done (we did this menu over there - im not gonna post it or refer to it though)

nice concept dude, i might give this a whirl try to get my creative juices going.

off the top of my head i see layer styles (outer glow, emboss) Layer modes (multiply, screen) simple rectangular rounded vector shapes and a touch of gradients.

Yeah - so far i have done this:

This is in Photoshop with two layers. On one layer i have an Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, and the second layer is a thin white line that i airbrushed and then turned the opacity down.

So far i think this is close to the base. I will keep going for a little longer tonight.

colour is lighter and emoboss is smaller and sharper. but good start


Im having trouble with the box that embeds the search part - its hard to get it to flow smoothly. I used the liquify tool but it doesnt come out all that smooth.

wow, already beautiful… I wish I could get ps

but still certainly needs some work

Well im looking at the update that i did and i just deleted that part where the search box will go.

What i am seeing in it is this: A rounded rectangle for the top part, and another for the bottom. The delema is where the two meet, its really rounded corners, and i cant seem to recreate them. I wanna say to use the pen tool but I dont know how to use it. There is a way - and i will find it.

Has anyone else given it a go yet?

sorry to go off topic but

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seems to be the same, perhaps I saw it after you have already changed it, anyways looks nice still

yup yup…

i gave it a try and kinda did a lil variation from what was there (went to the actuall that’s where the SIGN UP NOW came from)…also provided the psd for those who might want to take a look…nothing special :)…(link below for psd)