Changing the color of scrollbar

Hi people. Can anyone tell me how to change the colour of the scrollBar in flash UI components in flash mx? thanx!

I am too lazy to type it again so…

It is about halfway through down to the end of the thread.



erm sorry guys. after viewing it, i still dun get it. what do you mean by add it your frame? i added it to my frame but still couldn’t get the colour to change. can you please help? thanks.

did you give your scrollbar an instance name and target the listener to that like it says in that thread?

yup. i gave my scrollbar an instance name of scrollbar. but i am not sure what u meant by target the listener. sorry i am a newbie

There is a whole “tutorial” (dictionary reference) at Macromedia that teaches you about FSStyleFormats (kinda like CSS for flash that allows you to change your component colors). Maybe that will help you out :slight_smile: