Character I've been working on

Hey everyone,
I don’t post much of my original work but figured I’d throw this one at you guys.
Basically, this it the main character I might make in a few years, but that’s not really important. This is only like 5 or 6 sketches into development, so it’s still got it’s flaws obviously. Basically, it’s an alien… thing… with one limp non-working arm and instead of eyes it has holes in it’s head thinger. Yeah! I’m not so good at explaining this.
Anyhow this was the first sketch of him that I decided to color and render and all, so I’ve been playing in photoshop for the majority of the day making this. I’m kind of crumby at photoshop coloring but oh well.

So any comments, critiques, suggestions, whatever, post 'em up!

Oh and if anyone is interested check out his evolution over at deviant art. - be sure to check out the scraps section, that’s where most of the stuff is right now.


thats very cool but its also hilarious!

Thanks sen.
The whole premise is that he is the hardcore main character gun toating thing, but he looks like an idiot, because idiots are fun to draw and fun to look at.

haha, its fun, but if that character was mine I would have make him thin instead of pregnant :stuck_out_tongue: love the hat :lol:

I’ve never really drawn a fat thing before so I decided I might as well just do one, so that’s my justification for that.

kind of like billy madison’s blue duck :wink:

Don’t recall that one sen. I’ve seen billy madison a few times too. I feel inadequate now, thanks jerk!

it was when he passed kindergarten. They were all drawing and he was like, I drew the duck blue because Ive never seen one and I always wanted to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, gotcha. Now I gotta go find that movie on tv or something

[ot]I know Ive complained about this before, but when the movie is shown on regular tv (even the version with commercials) its shown with SCENES NOT IN MY VERSION ON VHS! [r]That pisses me off.[/r][/ot]

Dude you should write them a nasty letter!


ok Im going to bed. night.

bed? at 8:20?

I think it looks really cool, josh. :beam:

Can’t think of anything more constructive at the moment. lol

thanks ahmped!

That’s quacktastic! (Billy Madison)

Seriously, that is pretty cool and I like his shoes, how they curl up like a leprauchan’s or something.

Thanks wizard =)