Character.. "sketch"

Well, hand drawing is definitely NOT my strong point… but I thought I would actually give it a shot. If someone doesn’t realize I just suck at drawing, some of these might be able to pass for a “style.” (well, I was trying for a style, but still…) I’m thinking of maybe making some “toons” with him, flash based probably… pending name is Darkling. I frequent the D&D forum, but never really post anything I’ve made, so heres my first. I just drew these up in my “Communications 101” class (so these obviously are by no means “final” scetches or even halfway final), what a bore. my teacher walked by and said “that is weird” and just kept walking. lol. :smiley:

edit: btw, thanks Egeek for making me want to draw with a pencil (err… pen) again.

the one thing i really like is the 4th pic; the black area with the teeth in it; the contrast looks really good there…

the 4th pic is the first one I drew. I think I like the way he looks in the first pic better (without the wings and the halo - I have no clue why I added those.) I’m hoping I can make him look a lot better digitized, but I’ll probably keep the hand drawn look… if you know what I mean.

Those are kinda frightning

excelent… I was thinking if I persue an online toon idea with it, the one with him hanging could make for a kind of cool navigation. Hopefully with some good actionscripting for the physics, but I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off. that and I have no idea what direction I would go with the toon idea.

Nice sketches!
Dunno why, I just felt like doing a doodle of your character. I like the whole, leaving / rocking on his feet thing. Hope you don’t mind.

whats your name and address? my lawyer will be contacting you soon. haha, just kidding of course. Yeah, the unrealistic bending will definitely be part of the whole thing, if I ever develop it further. nice sketch, i like the expression on his face, heh.

Hehe :slight_smile:

I think you should develop him more. I think it’s really satisfying having your own characters.

Let us know how things go with the cartoon idea.

I had some cool ideas for flash animations, the problem is actually making them, heh. I’ll definitely post more if I do it though. that dino suit guy in your footer is pretty funny.

hehe, the dino suit guy was just a one off drawing. I was doodling, and saying it was for my project.

I’m making a flash cartoon website, but I’m so busy with uni stuff that it’s coming on very slowly, but some time, hopefully I’ll have something to show.