Some more sketches

Well, I finally hooked up my scanner and uploaded some images from my sketch book… just some dragon stuff…

Some more dragon stuff…

Just wonderin’ what you all think. I’m working on making the second image into a vector drawing…

wow, those look really cool. was the 2nd done in color pencil, cause it looks nice in blue:A+:

thanks… actually they were both done with ball-point pens. That is my favorite thing to work in. It doesn’t smudge and it produces nice bold lines. And with a little practice you can get the same shading results as pencils. :slight_smile:

The 2nd one is a good choice for vector, nice job. =)

im amazed :beam:

Now that I look at the second I realize that it is completely 2 dimensional. I never really finished the drawing (obviously) I should probably add another front leg and another wing behind the one already present…:slight_smile:

I hate you more now…

artistic little …




nice pics!!! especially like the first one, cool pose and really nice head…

lol so there is actually someone else that uses ballpoint pens to make sketches (outside a boring classroom :wink: )… lotsa ppl i know consider it a strange medium…

anyway, so we can also post sketches here ? :slight_smile: hmmm intresting

lol, yeah I love using ballpoint pens to draw with. Ever since 9th grade Art class. My art teacher liked the idea since n oone else really was trying it in my class, so she encouraged me. It took a little practice to get the shading right, but the results are awesome. Nice bold lines without any smudging. I have other medium, but i never use it. Pens are 30 for $1, and chalk, paint, charcoal, pencils are so much more expensive… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jubba… Don’t suppose you fancy another vector art battle, do you? :evil:

As soon as I get some time of from work :slight_smile: Probably a couple of weeks if I’m lucky.

Cool. :slight_smile: Looking forward to that…

jup ballpoint pens rule… you get a inktline like a marker but if you practice you can do lighter lines so you can shade like a pencil. and the price is definatly a plus, and the fact they are always close by in a boring class :wink:

I always used to draw with a Biro… :slight_smile:

Wow I just love the second one! Another artist! I wanna draw like you ppl!

very cool jubba. i can’t wait to see the line art version.

Thanks guys. I’m working on it now, but the only real chance I get is during breaks from doing real work, so it will probably take a while to pump the vector one out. I’ll let you know when its finished tho. :slight_smile:

second one really does look great! adn i love the pose in the second one. a+ job jubba

I like both! Nice drawing!

The second one is awesome!