Chat (IRC) Till you Drop Summer!

Hey everyone!
Since nobody seems to know about the existence of the IRC feature on the site, I’ve decided to publicize this feature a bit more. If you are a member on the forums, your nick name is automatically filled in. The trivia game is extremely fun also.

Check here for information on connecting using either mIRC or a browser window:

You guys/gals are missing out on all the fun. Join now!

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

All right - it’s Friday :slight_smile: The party is almost about to start…as always, in IRC!

we got a good crowd, but not enough!

btw, i am in IRC, almost everyday, almost all day :smiley: so stop by!

yep. All the cool people are in IRC. That means YOU (all of you who aren’t in IRC) need to get in. It’s not that difficult!

There are 14 people here…14!

once more to break record!

Did you all know that Friday was added the original 6 day week so we can all chat on IRC? It’s a true story :beam:


IRC server is efnet and the channel is kirupaForum. More detailed info in case you need it:

Give in to the peer pressure. Try some IRC. Everybody’s trying it.

Kirupa :beam:

I’m in but no one is talking.

wow, tons of people online right now!!!

Server problems, got that stupid thing where everyone “quits” at the same time, leaving you alone in the server. Must be a bug or something

I hate efnet!!! :evil:

Ok let’s all try again =)

Friday!!! :cowboy:

((IRC everyone!!)))


We’ll cheer you up thor! :wink:

They think I’m using a proxy, so I’m banned from efnet :frowning:

Yeah - today was a bad day to IRC. Hopefully tomorrow will turn out to be better :slight_smile:

Anyone wanna join the fun? :} We’re gonna have a contest in half an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

contest is over. I won. Nothing else to see here.

OOh contest…that’s over. Nothing like the after contest parties. I’ll get on IRC in a few hours :slight_smile:

in a few hours?! who you think you got? Chelsea Clinton?!

[size=1]sorry, that’s from Rush Hour, just had nothing to say :P[/size]