Cheap reliable no ads hosting

yes me too, but think about it, only 10 megs…

I have 25mb and I haven’t come close to filling it. i doin’t think I would ever need 200mb. It would be nice but I don’t thin kI need it

yes, but see, with geocities i have filled it and thats 20. It was mainly huge flash files that were when i was starting out though, 100% tween! :stuck_out_tongue: those were HUGE! But i would love knowing that i mostlikly wont ever run outta space…

I’m never worried about runnign out of space.


life has limits…


seriously, web space is not generally for storage. Just like your bedroom @ home, there comes a time to do a little “clearing of the junk,” if not just to make room for more junk.

I worked this plan to help out people who want to get their site up and running without hassle, and still with control over their stuff @ the cheapest rate I could possibly barter.

As sintax said, I rarely use that much web space. That is why I worked out this deal. It is my server, but no way am I going to use all of the HD… therefore, I can make it real cheap for the people who don’t have to pay for the maintainence and upkeep on a server, let alone the purchase price… it’s all been taken care of up front.

BTW - since this is in Nor CA, there is not a lot of bandwidth being eaten up by adult sites, or pop-up ads, etc. Smaller community = better stability and higher bandwidth consistantly.


[edit] this also includes 1 pop3 acct [/edit]

oh no i totaly understand 100%, i was just saying how i do liek the fact that there is room to fall back on. i am not SERIOUSLY looking into a paid server yet, but when i do, i plan to utilize all my options.

It all comes down to what your needs are… People like me are pretty basic in our needs…

This kind of plan used to cost bank a few years ago…

The new plans are great, and with amazing prices…


Yes Rev, that is a great deal. If I was not already familiar with’s service and control panel and general layout then I would definately hit you up with the offer. :slight_smile:

Kirupa - “You n00bs. I get 5 trillabytes of space and 1,000,000,000 G/mo of bandwidth for free since I invented the interenet and Flash. You will never have sites as good as mine for I am the Indian SecretService Pressident (i.e. ISP).”

Try, they are really cool!


While I appreciate all of the input, this thread wasn’t created to get advice on who I should host with.

It was created to see if there was any interest in the deal I had arranged with my ISP…

I thought I was helping


back on track, if anyone needs info about this, pm me. No more input about how your ISP is better, please.

Thanks, sorry to be rude, but I don’t want this to become a “I can top this” thread.



Thanks Phil:

I do think that there is a large group out there who want a basic hosting situation. That is where I was going.

I didn’t mention, the CTO of this ISP used to be a web designer himself. He was smart and got out before the bubble burst… So he understands the needs of web designers.

No harm done, I just got tired of the “my dad can beat up your dad” routine.