Check - does it suck?

Does my site suck and/or is the navigation counter-intuitive?

Here’s the link:


Very neat lookin site, but the menu needs to be more obvious. I sat lookin at it for several minutes waiting for something to happen lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

So when I realize its the gears, I clicked it… nothing! So I accidently dragged it… and dragged it… not knowing what to do with it! Luckily I dropped it on the other gear by accident. :o

Anyways other than that the site is very impressive. :wink:

another thing you should add is a “BACK” button throughout your site subsections. It would be nice not to have to use the browser back button. Just a simple java button backing up your browser would be nice.

Yes, a back button is necessary, and you should have some small text in there somewhere telling the viewer how to navigate, I thought they were just disabled links…haha.

Hey there,

I just gave a look at your site, and I thought it was good for several reasons:

-180K in total for a site is always good.
-Wasn’t a typical knockoff (at least to my knowledge) of another site.
-some of your portfolio work is pretty neat
- – being an example thereof

I think the menu is a little harder to pick up on, but it only took me (but that’s just me) 5-10 seconds to find it/use it.

A few suggestions how I think you could improve it:

  • Maybe make your gears each flash for a part of a second, and then make the gear where they fit in flash for a bit longer. Or have a animation of a mouse pointer grabbing one of the gears and placing it in the appropriate place to bring up content.

  • Maybe add a little more content, looks a little bit barren.

Good job on your site