Site check please have a look at it

This is the site that i will use. 3 layouts in 2 days eh? :slight_smile:
ok, 2 things:

  1. Are the colors good or should i change them?
  2. Are the menu buttons good in their position?

id notice that the first 3 buttons from left to rigth are just plain text… why did you make your site in flash? if i press a button it sends me to another page… wouldn’t be easier to have external swf’s loaded to the same html page ??
the desing is cool./. maybe you should add some sound effects and music… and some transitions… so it looks like a flash page…
but its a nice job :A+: :smiley:

Thanks, also i asked about design and colours. I will add transitions and stuff like that. Thanks.

All I got was a white screen. Sorry

really? why can it be?

I tried again in netscape and saw it fine. Nice colours - subtle and I like the dark style - something I am always afraid to do myself:)

I notice on the buttons at the bottom left, that the hit state appears to be only over the actual letters. Although this is not a big problem because the letters are large, I would include a larger hit state in the button editing mode.

Good luck.