Check out and tell me how bad,errr good it is

This is strictly my phase for the color scheming and layout design but go to to opinionize it and gimmie commennts

Hey Jody,
The site looks pretty good. Try adding some more colors in. The Grey, Black, and white combination is too bland (no offense). You’re good a photoshop, add a nice image on your top cells. The logo looks nice, but add some background images as well. Don’t make the files too large either though.

Also, make the information on your site stand out a little more. Use a slightly larger font to introduce your topic, and use pt 10 font for the other text. Check out some sites in this list for some ideas on great sites:

If you have any questions, please reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]

heh, Im trying to give it a kinda techy look, I dont want it to jump out at you and scream LOOK AT ME, IM COLORFUL but I think youre right about the backround image. Lemme use my photoshop crappy skills to whip up one

also, in the sentence:

Welcome To My Web Site, Here I hope to keep my viewers informed of my faviorate Computer News

you spelt favourite wrongly. if you are american it should be spelt “favorite” but i am australian so i spell it “favourite”. strange huh, english and australians spell it with a “U” and americans don’t.