n3xtmedia - comments and suggestions

This is one of my many attempts at a company website, but it’s the only one that’s 90% finished. So, I thought I would post it here to get some feedback before I go live with it. I haven’t registered the domain yet… so… DONT STEAL IT:slight_smile:

I know it’s really simple… and it was kind of bland before, so I threw in that blue bar at the bottom to give it some color.

I will take everyone’s consideration and stuff… but be aware: im easily offended. lol… but I will try and take it.

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Pretty clean and simple which is good…

Dull and lifeless, which is bad…

So a bit more color wouldn’t hurt, other than that, good job so far. =)

any ideas on what i can do for color?
i dont want it to be really really bright… I kind of like it easy on the eyes.

Thanks for commenting. :smiley:

Well since you already have a bit of red on the logo, you can maybe usre a bit more red, something like simple dotted red lines or regular red lines added to certain parts of your layout would help.

You don’t have to necessarily add a large amount of red, just a bit more to give it some balance. =)

Your design is very dull and boring…

I dont mind it at all. I like 'em plain and simple…


*Originally posted by dreamer *
**Your design is very dull and boring… **

…I think we established that. (-:

Ok… I will see what I can do what I get home, and re-post it.

Thanks for teh replies.

try adding a third color if you cant think wich color to use try getting this neat program http://www.colorschemer.com its cheap and very usefull tool if you dont have a color code table

Try using solid colors


Link is fixed now :beam:


…that looks like a pretty cool program.
btw: take away one of the e’s… thats a dead link

yeah its very helpfull especially if you dont have any experience with color harmony, which they teach you in art class :beam: i use it because it has a real neat feture that enables you to view a small website template with the colors you choose its a very good program and its at a reasonable price wish other programs were equally priced


…i took art class… for 3 years!

i didnt mean that personally buddy i meant it in a way it covers anyone that doesnt have experience with colors thats all so dont take it personal lol


this site needs more Color. The design is pretty good. I would suggest some lighter blues and some orange.


Not updated on all the pages, just this new index one

I like the touch of more blue, but I don’t like that table you’re using, I like the other table layout on the other pages.

I like the design better before that last change. Ditto for some colour, but it doesn’t need to be a large amount of colour. I reckon a coloured graphic/logo tastefully placed would break up the grey areas. I think it looks really nice though, very clean.

goes back to the drawing board

hehe, sort of like my old layout that EG did not like! But, being a minimalist, I like it! Neat logo!

you like my logo? nice. :smiley:

oh , btw; can someone check the tos and privacy and tell me if it makes any sense? i just wrote it off the top of my head. :-x