Check out my flash website!
what do you think?

Well, I bit. I checked it out. And hit the back button before anything loaded. You totally lost me with the load. Sorry, you asked. What is it? 1, 1.2 meg? Jeepers.


big big big big download… interesting stuff though. I really liked the southpark stuff. Keep up the good work, and look for information on optimization in order to get that file size down.

the southpark was an early game I made…
it took me along time to program…

the new movie is on the top…

Het silencer-
I thought I would listen to Upuauts reasoning and check it out again. My download is now around 3.3 megs and rising, and I have viewed about 8 short 8 second scenes.

My downloader is now at 3.6 meg. I have a 56k. You lost me, and will anyone else who is confined to this bandwidth.

stopped at 3.5 meg. Thats way alot too big. You should consider percentage preloaders and a description of what they can expect. I for one just don’t tolerate a site that is 3.5 megs unless I know what is coming, to just expect people to wait for your page to download is unrealistic with the size of your file.
In my opinion that is the exact reason god gave us back buttons. 9 minutes now gone from my day, all waiting…

yep… 56k users will not bother at all… which is still 70%+ of the population.

That Southpark this IS funny.
But hell yeah, the download is pretty heavy. I guess. :smiley:
pom 0]

I’m sorry you guys but the computer world is getting close to an new time where you must have cable!

its not hard to get cable!

what do you want?
poor sound quality with fast download
or high quality and good graphices with large download.

You’re not wrong about that… I have ADSL, it changed my life. snif

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Where I live they don’t even offer cable, DSL or Satelite Internet. Yea, cable is nice, used to have it. Don’t anymore. 56K. Stuck with it.



This guy is a d4mn pest in our urbanterror forums. He causes so much trouble its not even funny.

All he will try to do is promote his stupid game. Ew we’re now infected by george goo.

just wait…,. soon this flash post will turn into ‘play true combat and listen to my spam’

That’s the last time I post in this topic. George, go home.

What he said. I knew it! Better not try that here or we will Icu Mehoo you in half! He’s got guns, he’s got ammo, and he’s gotta an attitude! Yo, Georgio, join the flash world, make a site that isn’t 4 megabytes. Ya. Do that why don’t ya? We should have known when we phirst saw ya…None of your SpamaCrapalaloa here! No sireee! We’ll wop yer ass if you try that; ‘try this game here, or try that game there…’ We will sick Icu Mehoo on you. Outta here now or we sick our pet Yorkie on your but-but-buttocks!

I stand, and am standing, right behind Icu Mehoo, the one with the guns and grenades and stuph… :rollin:

rofl… trust me… if his posts didnt get deleted the second they were made i’d link a ****load of them here for you to see… hes a jerk.

It seems he went running after seeing your post. I will keep a lookout for him. People that break that community spirit suck. We don’t need that here.


eh… he has done no harm here yet, I’d appreciate it, even if you’re only joking, if you’d lay off him until he does. Each person has a right to prove themselves a benefit, or a hinderance at each board they visit.
I have seen no spam from silencer, and his question is genuine, and though all of us were brutaly honest about the download time, he was rational in his response… that being, that he is not cattering to low band width users.

He’s been warned that the majority of the world, which is still 56k or less, and will be for quite some time dispite his belief that the world is changing, will not visit.

calm yourselves, lest I release the dogs of war upon you both. :wink:

though I will now be moving this thread to a more appropriate forum, as it is not really anything other than a site check.

No offense Silencer, but your site needs a lot of improvements. I waited for it to load (I’m on a T1 line) and even for my connection it is unbelievably slow. When it finally loaded, I discovered nothing worthy of the wait - it was just a menu. No neat bells, whistles or tricks. Just a needless, complicated-looking background and three screens (the menu items). The screens/buttons don’t do anything special except text appears when you rollover and when you click, the thing flips over. There’s nothing wrong with having a simple flash animation - but there is definitely something wrong if I have to wait a while for such a simple animation!

When you click on the menu items, you are directed to another URL where you have to wait again for the contents to load (so the initial painful preload did nothing to alleviate the viewer from loading the actual contents). That’s just bad form. The large SWF file is probably because of that detailed background to your interface - which is again, unnecessarily large and detailed when it is a minor part of your site (it is, ultimately, just a background).

I have seen a lot of sites that do have very hefty SWF files, but at least the wait was definitely worth it. This site is not one of them.

:slight_smile: see… good advice… and RG know’s her s@%^. Her site is wonderful.

stuck around but it took too long to load and I have other things to do.

Most people won’t stay on your site if you have the incoming movie so large.

Maybe when I have a little more time I will come back and check it out for you.