Only for cable/dsl connections:video in Flash! (1.42Mb!)

Playin’ 'round…turn your speakers on and your music off…just for a lil while…

Hey, I can’t see it… Do I need a special player (6.0) ?
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Of course! It’s MX, baby! Go get Flash 6 player! (and tell me how long the update takes, please).
PS: c qd que tu dors?!

Jamais !!!
Where can I download that baby ? I went to macromedia’s site, and couldn’t find it. I’m tired, take that into condiseration.

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Try this link for Flash Player 6 Beta…shplayer6/

Ok, done it. The quality isn’t so good, but it comes out very well. and I love the music…

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Wow, that was a VERY fast download! Very nice!

Will the trial version let you save/publish documents?


Cool movie eyez. I believe in miracles too. That is truly amazing. I connect @ 44Kbps and the download was a bit shaky. But it worked rather well even on my Dell laptop with a Celeron 400Mhz. Whats the compression ratio from original to exported Flash?

Do not ask me anything technical for the moment, all i did was import the mpg, Flash asks me if i want to add enough frames, i say ‘yeah, sure’, then put text, stop action and play button and export (Sorenson something codec…Spark?..).
The .fla is 15Mb, the swf 1/10th !I s’pose i’ll try another one with the jpg quality a bit higher, found no compression settings for vid?!..And this was done with the trial, works just like a full one, except for nag screen and time limit -normal!
Are the (Wildform) Flix people gonna be broke soon or what…

Hey eyezberg,
The video is pretty amazing! The sound/video quality is excellent for the duration and size of the movie. Flix offers far more options in creating and exporting movies. I wrote a review for Flix 2:…eview1.asp and I basically do outline on the last page about Flash MX and what Flix will do.

The video feature is excellent - you can easily have multiple Video overlays !. Also you export the flash file out to AVI - This allows you to add text and animation onto video then export it out to any format you have a Codec for on your system - including Divx.

So far the largest file I’ve tried it with was a 3 minute long 352*288 Divx file - which imported into MX with no problems. I then added a spinning logo for the duration of the clip - then exported the Flash file back out to Divx.

this new feature adds a ton of options for 3d artists in webpage portfolios… the tiny size of that and the fact that it played the second i openned it up was kewl. im gonna have fun.

when you export an swf with a movie, the swf file already includes the movie in it, just like images or audio. but I read somewhere that Flash MX has this ability to export jpegs and audio files separate to the swf file (prolly to minimize the swf file size), does this apply to videos as well?

oh, and btw, some statistics: i’ve tried exporting a 2.9mb avi through flash. first I imported it with a 100% quality, and when I exported it I got a whopping 12mb swf! but when I tried it in 50%, the resultant swf was a mere 973kb! I was like wazzup with that? :wink: but to tell you the truth I didn’t find too much difference in both coz, well, both turned out to be a li’l choppy :smiley: