Check out my Splash Page!

What up everyone,\rCheck out my splash page for! Its going to be my first release of the site and will involve alot of 3D tutorials with 3D Max and also include Flash and PHP tutorials and a Flash forum so I just wanted to have all of your opinions on it! Thanks!\r\r<a href=></a>

Wicked looking Dan!!! and I can’t wait for the 3d tuts :slight_smile:

Rocks Dan! Can’t wait to see some of your mad 3D/Flash skillz on display :slight_smile: \r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Sweet… the long anticipated return of the Dan man…\r\rI’m sitting on the edge of my seat. :slight_smile: \r\rI’m doing a primitive’s comic right now… so I have little doubt I’ll have much need of your site soon… when do you think v1.0 will be out?

Should hopefully be less than a month!

drewling\r\rpom 0]

Ok I changed them around a little so I would like input on wether you like version 1 or version 2 better and why:\r\rVersion 1:\r<a href=></a>\r\rVersion 2:\r<a href=></a>