Check out my videos...give me some opinions

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I changed it. Now it is only one file. The pause is 1/3 of a second.

Do you think the pause should be shorter? longer? or is it just right?

Hey jubba,
The videos are awesome! I think the videos are just right.


Some nice tricks Jubba, the pause looks cool! I’m wondering when were gonna see you doing some tricks :wink:

Well, sorry to say so, but I think the pause is a little bit too long. I mean, it don’t really get the feeling that it makes the move more impressive. But that’s just me.

pom 0]

So you really are a right side up kind of guy, hunh? Opinions? If God wanted us to fly he would have had us born with wings or skateboards. Opinions? If I ever had skateboarded I would now be dead. Hows that?


I am going to play around with the pauses and see what is better. right now its a 3/4 of a second pause. I may cut it down to 1/2 a second…i’ll have to play and adjust it.

I like the pause…

I’d like to see you do some frame by frame tracing of the skater in outlines.

You could also add a few Star Wars Action figures, possibly Yoda fighting Dooku, one or two Imperial Cruisers, the Falcon Millenium, and also…

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frame by frame would take some time. I don’t have a very steady hand…lol…too much caffiene in my “youth”…we’re working on different effects. I’m starting to add some content. I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate the videos. The owner thinks that turning the Text Box into a “viewer” for the videos would be a good idea. i was thinking some javascript pop-ups so that way you could still navigate to different parts of the site while watching the videos…what do you think? He’s very open to suggestions…as am I.

Actually I think it would be cool if the skateboarder turned into solid chrome like in T2, then morphed into an ewok and back to a chrome figure. That shouldn’t be too difficult.


are you guys making fun of me??? frame by frame tracing is not THAT bad… :slight_smile:

Who, us?

Never. Not in a million years.

Not in a trillion light years ! :rollin:
Nice ideas by the way, Fil.

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frameing is not that hard you should try it , and shame on you 2 for makeing fun of him, shame!!!