Eh, why not release to the general public

Ok heres my site. Anyone that frequents the Random forum has already seen this and already posted about it, but I know since a lot of the people that aren’t “regulars” don’t look in there for some reason (I would be afraid of us too)…so here’s my site. Its not completely done, but I would say abou 75%. I only have to fix a few things and add a little bit of content. and then toss it into a chromeless window and we’ll be good to go.\r\rAll of the stuff is copyright and trademark and protected and all of that fun stuff to Requiem skateboards, even though it don’t say it. logo, name, etc etc etc etc…\r\rClick here to launch the site

nice! only complaint i have is i had no idea where the navigation was! \r\r-john

Agreed - the navigation is a bit hard to find if you don’t stumble upon it as I have.

it will be fixed as soon as I get all of the content in. I apologize for that. But the good news is, that so far that is the only complaint that I have gotten…:slight_smile:

Ok, then here’s a few more :wink: \r1.the buttons in the menu don’t look very nice, coz they are not evenly spaced, some words “downloads”) always touch the others, some are far more spaced.\r2.the selection buttons like video/pictures… don’t have a rollover state and no hand symbol indicating they can actually be clicked\r3.make the ‘loading bg’ thing a bit smaller, who cares you’re loading that, we want to see it!! kiddin, don’t take me wrong, ok? good to tell people s’thing is happening, but just make it small & stick it in a corner…\r4.after watching the video (how you gonna do once you got more’n one?!!), everything , the whole site, was REAL slow!?\ general, remembering my skater days long ago, i think the colour choice is not flashy/ trashy enough for the target public (skating kids, right?), not colourfull enough…\rJust my personal opinion, who cares…\rLike the design, used to skate, so i like the site :wink:

Yo man its looking good. Background is perfect. Only the Download button needs more spece I think. Its verry good\r\rkeep up the good work.

i noticed that the site was running slow, and i really don’t understand why. There isn’t much giong on, and the file size is minimal…maybe I should open the videos in another window?