Skaters unite! opinions needed!

Note: I am going to post this here and in the Random forum, mainly because I don’t know if many of the irregular people check the random forum.

This post isn’t necessarily directed towards skaters, but a skaters opinion would definately help. A friend of mine runs a skateboard company. He designs the boards and everything. They are good quality, durable, lightweight boards and I ride them as a back up when my Elements break. I am going to make his website, both an HTML version and a Flash version.

To the Skaters::
I would like your input on what you would want in a skateboard companies site. What would make you interested in the product? What would cause you to tell your friends? What would make you come back, and possibly order a board? What would you want to see in both Flash and HTML?

**To Everyone else::**
What do you think the site should look like? Color scheme? Interactivity? 3D effects? What would you like to see in a skateboard company’s site? Even if you dont skate, what would intrigue you?

The name of the company is Requiem Skateboards. The color scheme of the current site is very dark, red and black. I was thinking of livening it up a bit with different colors, but he wants to be involved too (go figure!) so he’s going to want the dark colors. I wonder if there is a way to show him that brighter colors work better…Oh well, I’ll work on that…Its very small and very localized in central New York. He wants to break out a bit and hopefully get larger, and I want to be able to help him with that. Any opinions, i repeat, <font size=6 color=red>ANY OPINIONS</font> would be appreciated.

Click here for the current site

if you go to the pictures page, the picture on the top left is my buddy TJ (the one with the shrine to Britney).

Anywho…let me know what you think, and hit me with some opinions and I’ll be sure to incorporate them into my site.