Check please

Hi, can everyone please check this site out and tell me what they think? I’m open to suggestions and comments! The site is under construction so not all buttons are functional yet.



Hello iceman,
This is a great site. The intro animation was really nice, and I loved the fast frame rate :slight_smile: I think the animation was done really well. When I was visiting the page, I saw a message stating [an error occurred while processing this directive] That message was in the HTML, and that could’ve been a server glitch.

All in all, great animation. You might want to add a background sound to compliment the action paced animation.

Good Luck,
Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]

Thats good,
Nice intro, I prefer your site though,
I may do something like that but it just takes SO long,
Im new to flash so I didnt know about themes :slight_smile:

Why does it say Flasher under my name,
I never put that in the preferances.
Hmmm strange