New Site

Well i made this site just for the heck of it, and the buttons do nothing at the moment but let me know of what i have so far…i thinks its pretty mediocre and tacky, but we’ll see what ya guys think.

[size=1]the site is great i love it! i love the colors, and the
serene feeling i got entering the site as the music started. I just
a few things i would suggest to maybe help you out a bit.

I would first suggest that you increase the frame rate to at least
20. Most of the animation is choppy and can easily be taken care
of by doing this.

As much as I adore that musical piece, you really have to be
careful using such a well-known piece of music because of
copyright issues.

All the rest are good ideas and seem to work well with that the
design, layout, and the point of the site.

Great start!


Well thanks very much man…this being my second flash site, i was expecting much different kinds of comments (not good ones) and i would like to say that this forum is a great inspiration to keep designing for me…oh yeah and i did a little more to the site so that one of the buttons actually does something now :slight_smile:

I couldn’t see it, there was nothing on the page :*(

I couldn’t see anything either but there is flash there (right click the middle of the page. Maybe the swf was removed or somthing.

hmmm, that is a problem…i dont know why you guys couldnt see it. Maybe it is just a matter of the long load time and you guys just quit before it popped up, if not that, i have no clue :frowning:

You just have to wait long enough. It’s there.
A preloader would be a big improvement.


Yeah i’ve been trying to get the preloader goin but i cant seem to figure it out…im going off of the tut on this site but i just cant seem to get it to work for my site. I did just what it said but what happened was it was just a blank page until the whole thing loaded, and then it just went straight into the page without any knowledge of the preloader even existing. Any suggestions?