Site check

Need some suggestions on any improvement needed.

This is my FIRST flash site ever.…ersion.htm

Hey Mikeylkzt,
The site is really edgy and cool. I really like the bubbles that float up when a link is hovered over. Except for the word “Experiment” being cut off, I think the animation is really cool and unique.

Thanks…I really appreciate it.

I think it looks really cool and after restarted the intro a couple of times the only thing I could think of to improve is that the animation with the logo doesn’t hold the same high standard as the rest of the animations ( like the interface )

Best regards


That’s a cool site you’re working on. I like your choice of colors and also the background music. Where did you get that music? Do you think you can show me where I can download it, or even email it to me if it’s smaller enough? Please let me know. My email is [email protected].
Thanks and keep up the good work.