Check site

can someone check this site, its not fully operational but if you could just give me some feedback it would be great!

i think its good so far…i would first start by centering the .swf in the screen…and for a little hint if you make your site so that it can be run as the .swf itself then you won’t have to worry about banners!


how would I go about running it just as the .swf so I don’t get all the pop-ups like you said? if you could tell me it would help me alot, thanks for the feedback again!


Have a home page that has a javascript command that that links them directly to the .swf file, for ex. ( make that the site location! If you don’t get what I mean then you can message me on AIM: MeTHoDaN48 or go to my forum:

<a href=>Flash Inspiration Forum</a>

NOTE The redirection doesn’t have to be in Javascript it can just be a Flash file that redirects the user to the next page with one frame with an action (getURL(, _self))

Here is a page of mine thats an .swf extention:

<a href=>Test Demo</a>

I am not sure if it gets rid of pop-ups but it will get rid of the built in page banners and since its not a text page like .html, .htm, .asp, .php, then they should be able to insert code on the page to make pop-ups occur!