Glass Cup

Well, I was bored… so I made a glass cup. Thought I would share it with you guys. Tell me what you think!

Software: Maya, PhotoShop, Mental Rey
Time: 15min


Looks pretty cool. The reflection makes it seems as if the glass has somekind of top on it.

You made that from scratch? That’s awesome!


apart from the top of the glass the model looks good. A few suggestions - the texture you have used for mapping looks like no drink i have seen, and the liquid in the cup looks like its plastic.

good stuff.

Yeh did you wanted it to be water? Its looks like clear jelly atm. Looks neat overall.

I’m not too fond of ‘glass’ or ‘chromeball’ renders as they lack focus… Try adding extra objects to the scene.

And you might want to tone done the reflectiveness/incidence angle of the glass… Looks too perfect.

yup it’s not prefect. I spent 15min on it :). I’ll go back some time and fix the errors.


Liquid looks great to me. it is supposed to be Guinness right? hint hint :wink:

oh yah… I ment it to be… wut was that again?.. oh yah…Guinness. :slight_smile:

arrgh, pass me some black and tans with the clover foam…
Good work 3d