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  • Experimental Photography Site.
    Brought the CPU usage down a bit, no extra Flash,
    really revolves around the photography.

Any comments are truly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

Thanks for the previous comments also!!!


You totally improved it, its smooth transitions and I liked visiting more than before even though you had a cool 3D bounce effect before but it made it not fun by lagging me out! Good Job!

Runs a ton better on my computer now too! =)

Man, I feel redeemed! For a slam dunk candy site, I think it does the job. I’d like to do something more industrious later with DV and motion blurring some stills (while being good to the cpu!)… and more code!

Thanks for not killing my fire guys - the positive feedback really helps, sorry I was CPU killin for a while there!


Thanks for cleaning it up so it doesn’t kill our comps:) Adding motion blur effects sounds like it could be a good touch.