Give mee some negative comments!

just got my second version completed.

give mee some negative comments plzz so that i can improve on it!!!
thx a lot

i loved it! that’s one of the best sites i’ve ever seen! the only thing that i didn’t really like is that it just seemed to run slowly. i’m not sure what’s goin on there, but perhaps you have the frame rate goin too slow. perhaps you should add more frames and faster frame rate. or maybe it’s just my slow ass computer. other then that i didn’t see too much that wasn’t fantastic!

hey thx for those comments. but i din’t expect that.
anywayz my frame rate is 30fps. and i guess that is fine!!
by the way i was just wondering shall i submit this for SOTW this week!! i know it isn’t that grreat. but give me ur opinions!!


i need some feedback plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I liked it. However, it was choppy even on my computer, and my computer isn’t half as bad as I say it is. Also, you might want to make it a little smaller…and play around with the text…take a look at Kirupa’s new tutorial on Web Text…

I think u should go with a preset resolution instead of fullscreen. I run at 1280x1024 an MAN it ran like sh*t!! only the “build-up” animations that is… if u look at other sites they usually keep their flash sites in the center of the browser with a fixed size… :slight_smile:

well itz a great…site…
itz kind of plain…mayb try experimenting with different things to enhance your page

Yes a great site but I think you need a another color maybe gray to give it a kick. and another thing THAT AFREAKY SOUND FOR THE MOUSE OVER IS REALLY ANNOYING! lol other then that good job.

LARGE difference from your first attempt, heh

looks great, i love the way you used the shape tweens and the colors are really cool together.