Chromeless Window

Ok, I followed the instructions in the tutorial for the chromeless window but it doesn’t seem to work correctly, I made my button and in the action thing its

On mouse release
get url _blank

its like that but it has the () and the {} and also the ; everywhere i think they are suppsoe to be. I don’t have flash where i am at right now so i cant tell you exactly whats on it, the link to my site is and then just click on January and it comes up with a window with the url being

i dont understand where i went wrong, I have the chromless.js in there and everything else. Does anyone know what to do to fix it?

Your link in Flash should look like this…

on (release) {
    getURL("javascript: openIT('page.html',450,250,null,null,'mywinname01');");

Change page.html to the page you want loaded, in your case, it is

Change 450 to the width of the window, and 250 to the height of the window that you want to be popped up. Everything else you can leave the same if you would like, but if you add more links like this you may have to change mywinname01 to mywinname02 for your second link and so on and so forth.

EDIT: I had to add a space in the code between : and openIT because it would insert a smiley face instead…haha. so if you copy and paste that code, be sure to remove that space. Also remove the space in Java Script, it should say javascript, but the board adds a space for some reason.

So if i post more than one button on the page to open up a frameless window then i have to change the mywinname01 to a different name each time? Can you tell me what the mywinname01 does and how it will affect me when I change it to a different name? My goal is to get a button on the page for each month which would be 12 and so will i have to have mywinname12 for december?

well it doesn’t have to say mywinname you can just change that section to say january - december. It really serves no severe purpose, it is just an ID thing.