Click the circles

This isn’t really the most amazing thing ever. I also didn’t entirely make it on my own… I did almost all the work, but Jubba told me how to make the circles into a perfect grid… so here it is my fellow peoples… the thingy


Not too shabby… :slight_smile:


why spank you
its fun cuz theres like 6 colors… and that was like the hardest thing ive ever done in my life
3 cheers for the kid who sucks at flash
hip hip HOORAYYY!
hip hip hoora…
hip hi… ok guys its dead

thats pretty close to the example I posted on ahmeds footer thread… did that help at all or did you do this all on your own?

i was inspired by ahmeds footer thinger
then i saw someone post one with circles, and it was cool so i tried to make my own
i had all the circles lines up on my own… and it was a huge file so i asked for help makin the gird part of it, which jubba explained to me, other than that its all mine

if i like stole somethin or something… im sorry and ill burn it

thats the one… so yeah i guess it was your idea… and mine looks almost identical to yours, which makes me feel stupid… ill take it down if you want

that’s nice :beam: … Sen suggested to have the thingies in my footer tracked as menu items… maybe you too should do that :beam:

no its cool :slight_smile: you got the multiple colors thing going on there too :wink:

if i can figure out how to do it ill probably give it a shot… im also gonna try to make it so theres a smaller version of the picture… like a thumbnail view thing… for no apparent reason… just somethin fun to play around with.
ahmed you’re footer is still amazingly awesome
thanks for the inspiration

[edit]thanks sen:beam:[/edit]
score one for flashness

haha thanks :beam:
Finally, i actually inspired someone… :!:.

your stuff has always inspired me, you’re one of my favorite actionscriptionests
I’ve just never openly admitted it

Hey xxviii, your getting better with flash, keep at it. I like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey ahmed look at your footer :stuck_out_tongue: i love it!

*Originally posted by Alex *
**hey ahmed look at your footer :stuck_out_tongue: i love it! **

ahmed is using Shared Object with his footer so only you can see whats there now :wink: take a screen grab and show us what ya got.

me? on of your favourite actionscriptionests?? you gotta be kidding :beam:

and yeah, as alex pointed, good to see your getting better with flash :slight_smile:

i love your footer too! :stuck_out_tongue:

do what sen did :beam:

and… xxxvi… sorry for getting off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

its ok, i appreciate off topic, im the king of off topic

and no, i’m not kidding, you have some really cool stuffs

i had fun, since i was on my break from doing my site, i decited to make this.


lol, the 45 degree angle line isnt in the right spot on the arrow
(i wont tell anyone, i promise)

nice :)… 28 told me that the 45 degree angle line isnt in the right spot on the arrow… so you might wanna fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine’s just a little gradient thing

thats nice :beam: … actually, i was thinking of having different colours in my signature, just like your example up there… you think i should? :slight_smile: