Comments on developing site!

his my site:

still under work.

Any suggestions? Its a web portal btw.

Its big i know. It was designed for screens larger than 1024x768… If your using windows press f11 for best viewing.

comments welcomed. I want to make it a site that you would offen come to.

First off I’d strongly advise you to make the site so it fits on a 768 x 1024 screen resolution as this is the most common resolution. Anything bigger than that is not good after all how many people do you know using a bigger resolution?

I like the look of the site (the nav and border) but the bright colours on some of the sections look too out of place.

At the moment I would not re - visit your site, however with a bit of tweeking it could be made good.

well, im on 1280x1024. so not everyone uses 1024x768.

however, i STILL had to scroll to see it all. id say thats a problem.

i did like what i saw so far though. i just dont think u should have to scroll a flash movie.

yeah. i realized that the size was annoying. I really want to keep it about the same because the theme is really like a like picture or poster. I think the annoying thing is that whenever you want to change the pages you have to go to the bottom. I think it would be better at the top. OR there is another solution. The great thing about flash is that you can resize. So what i was thinking was making versions for different screens.

besides from that, I think its abit plain (it is a miniamlist site btw). Keeping in mind that in the artworks section there will be images and videos… also the musical section will showcase music and i am adding sound visuallisation to fit the whole page. that should be interesting.

I don’t think i should add any “3D” effects. Since it is a simple site.

Also to add some more detail i was thinking of puttin in some little detail like falling snow, or random moving circles in the background of each page. (you can turn them off of chorse)

very silent this site. i need to add more sound effects.

In summary i think these should be the changed:

  1. make it a bit smaller
  2. Put menu on the top
  3. add i bit more detail
  4. sound effects
  5. … what else?

is it me or are people getting bigger screens? before everyone had 800x600, now its 1024x768 is everyone changing to 1280x1024???

btw the windoe size is 650 x 870… maybe 553x740 would suit more?

there will be a little scroll. but its not as annoying.

wow, i think u pretty much summed it up urself.

yeah, i think what ur saying will do very nicely. the smaller size may eliminate the need to scroll on my res, but not 1024x768 unless uve got fullscreen on. perhaps u could launch it in a fullscreen window? i know many people hate it when u mess with their browsers, but for artistic stuff i think its acceptable. and definately move the bottom nav to the top.


hey thanks for the tips. I think i should keep it in a normal brower since like you said epople hate full screen. or have like a fullscreen option.

nice site. i love the simplicity. and its very laid back. its a breath of fresh air, what with all thease high paced, hi graphics sites. i like it alot.

i’ve checked out all the seactions and noticed these “things”:
though some you may allready know

when the white boc apperes, it take way too long for the balck box to come.

the text “sfter weeks of work designer’s hub…” should have a comma (,) after "work"
background is same colour as “terminal”

link bank:
in link pool, the return button doesnt work. [edit] just realised, it does work, but it takes 6 seconds!!! to change. change that now! :smiley:
in link pool, the buttons should be a different colour when press, so you know that you’ve pressed it (it takes a while (as in half a second or so!) to go to different sections.
(in submit…check your e-mails! it works fine!!)

in the still artwork list, the artists link doesnt work

the link to the forums doesnt load. it just shows a black page.

well, thats all i could find.

again, great work. i might submit my site…once its finished.

keep up the good work and keep us posted.

yeah thanks for the debugs! i havn’t madethe forum page yet!

I just turned the site smaller and it never looked better! thanks for all your comments really helps! i’ll make sure the credit you guys!

ooh, i just realised you have an interview with gin roberscheuten from media monks. cool! i havent had time to read it yet, but looking forward to it.

=]… I hope to get interviews with all the big guys…