k, gave this “bended lines” thing a try… now, i know i suck at this, cause i havent been working in PS or Ill for to long, especially Ill… so comments like “you suck” or “why did you post this?” don’t realy help me understand what i’m doing wrong :wink:

But constructive criticism is always welcome :party: and usefull :hugegrin:

here it is
[absence]( additions/Walls/absence.jpg)

how come the opacity is so low(the flower). also what’s up with all that text in the middle?

other then that its cool, Impact is a lame font though.

impact is not really a lame font but should not be over used. Impact as the name it is given is for Bold statment or something you want the viewers eye to catch, typography is the key here, giving the sentence some tweening will help for example.

For the background type i would use another font… something more subtle… because giving its faded appearance at the moment you really are confusing the viewer with bold “impact” type that are faded, which in the end lose their meaning.

the rose falls victim the same fate of the type, there is just no meaning to the piece.

to be fair to you the graphics on the bottom look nice, although i have seen the 3 stripe thing a few times already. but it does look ok here.

keep going with it… :wink:

thanks for the HELPFULL coments :rabbit:

all the text in the middle is the title “in the absence of creativity” in french, greek, russian, german, italian, deutch, portuges and spanish :cap:

Did some changes (check the original link)… and come back with some more feedback :ear:

as for the 3 strips thing, i know it’s been done a lot… hence the title “in the absence of creativity” :wink:

it’s best viewed in 1600*1200

The lines and all look nice, but the whole picture is really unbalanced. My eyes just couldn’t figure out where to rest. I think you’re trying to put too many focal points in there, the rose, the super bright red as compared to completely dull white and such. I’d try to balance it out a bit more with some color up top or something to unify the peice a bit more.

Just an FYI, your footer is too large.

yes your footer was too high… 60 is the min.

regarding the new picture, its still lacking creativitity
(GET it !! lol…hmm sad joke :sigh:.)

Like mlk said your focal point is not clear, and the type has no presence, no purpose, its all a little too unorganized/cluttered.

for the text and rose to be in there you need to do something about them, either get rid of the text altogether or play around with scale, opacity, use hints of reds, and positioning to make this work. Right now you have a cool bottom with a really dull top.

Need something to balance it and finish the piece up.