Computer not booting...HELP!

Ok so I just installed Need for Speed Carbon, which is awesome. My internet started screwing around (it does this occationally, but a restart fixes it) so I restarted.

Now the ■■■■ thing won’t boot, it just sits at the motherboard spash-screen and dosen’t do anything, it wont respond to anything. I’v tried restarting it loads of times but it just won’t go past the spash screen…

Don’t tell me to re-format, it’s not an option, I have all my music and Uni work on the C partition, if I loose it all, i’m severly screwed.

I defraged the C drive (I have 1 HD in two partitions, C and D) earlier, it finished without any problems…could the defrag have screwed my PC up?

WTF!!! Why is Windows so crap, my trusty PowerBook (which I am now using) never has problems like this :fight: