Computer tweak

hey guys. i have a question. my computer has been lagging hardcore the past few days. i have no idea whats up. and also, i have been working a lot with rhino, and whenever i render something complex, it either takes an hour, or the darn thing crashes.

i have about 15 gigs free, paging file is set to the max, and no virii, trojans, cpu eating programs, or other annoyances. my windows is totally tweaked so i have no unneccessary processes running. can anyone think of anything i could check to try and help speed things up a bit?

This can cause problems if not done with a bit of knowledge first so proceed at your own risk!

Have you looked into overclocking your CPU? It can increase your speeds quite a bit.


nope, i haven’t. lol. do you have any good resources i can check up with? or should i just google it. :slight_smile: thanks

search on TechTV cause they had a few shows on it…

I would only recomend overclocking if you have a celeron processor - All others will generate too much heat and cause malfunctions/damage.


yeah… but if you overclock a more powerful processor and then just drop a little cash for a more robust colling system you’re set!

golgi… do a search, I believe there is a website entirely devoted to overclocking, or something, I cant remember.


yeah, i’ve just been checking it out. it seems a bit over my head. :frowning: i mean, i understand it, but cooling, and stuff, and the risks, it’s not where i wanna go. at least not right now. i was hoping there was perhaps something immediate i could try and tweak. like, tonight. so i can do this silly 3d site for HW. haha.

i dont know, rund Spybot Search and Destroy, my comop was lagging, i ran that and poof, all done.

lol, is that a spyware detector?

i know this may be pretty basic, but have you tried disk defragmenter??

yeah, i defragged 2 days ago when i cleaned off like 14 gigs of poop. :slight_smile: thanks though.

Golgi, yeah it is. but its like the best. PC Mag’s choice. Turns out i have like 10 gators but didnt know it. click another button, and poof, i had no gators! lol and it can immunize and stuff. really great stuff.

immunize? darn, i want this proggy for real life. i dont wanan get the flu anymore. hehe. where do i get it? is it free?

its free! 0USD!

my computer has been lagging, but i had a virus. i need to go home and start it and see if it’s still doing it. if it is, i will be pissed cause i have to study for a final but my little baby is sick.

doesnt it stink how everything goes wrong with our computers in finals week? hahaha ~good luck to ya pinx :slight_smile:

ouch man. warm blanket. Nortan and TLC (tender loving care) should do the trick.

i know i’m going to best buy today to get norton and personal firewall complete package with all computer system utilities. my old computer had norton on it and it was alright, never had any viruses so my little baby is getting some lovin today.


lol told yea!