Controling the speed of the fps?

Hi, does anyone know how to control the speed of the fps?
Say I have a total of 20 frames, and for the first 10 frames, I want them to be 15fps and for frame 11-20, I want them to be 4 fps.
Thanks for the help.

As far as I know you can not dynamicly control the fps, however if you set the fps for the entire movie to the highest setting you wish to have you can create the illusion of a slowdown using setInterval, or adding more frames to the slower section.

Can you explain more about this illusion? I’m new to flash. can you give me the screen preview of what it would look like?


give me a bit of time I am working on a preview for you to work with, I will try to make it as simple as possible while introducing the more complex aspects of flash, hopefully you’ll be able to dissect the file. I have uploaded a demo in MX and 2004, hopefully it helps.

You could always just have separate movie clips for each fps and make it switch couldn’t you?
I mean make the separate ones in separate .flas and then publish them and then import them into ur big movie

Thank you all for all the inputs.

If you import a movie, it will inherit the fps of the parent, in other words the imported movie will speed up or slow down based on the fps of the movie it is loaded into.