loadMovie....is this possible

Hello All

I want to load a movie loadMovie (“target”, _root…) and so on. My question is can you target a specific scene in the load movie command?? I have a movie with a button that loads a new movie into level 0 so it replaces the first movie. Now in the new movie I have a button that unloads the new movie and loads the previous one. But it starts it off at the veru beginning of the movie. I want it to pick up where the first button click took place. Can anyone help?? Much appreciation in advance

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instead of using scenes use multiple MCs that way you can load a specific MC instead of trying to target to a specific Scene.
but if you insist in using scenes I suggest writing a function and passing a variable like:

function What(Scene){

or something like that


format url to pass variable at end of address.
this will set varable in root of movie called.
on first frame set gotoandplay (variable)